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I founded Mundo in January 2020 from a desire to share rigorous political analysis and critical thinking skills that matter to businesses, investors, and political risk analysts.

I’ve crunched numbers at a New York hedge fund, walked the corridors of the Pentagon, the United Nations, and parliament houses for meetings, briefed ambassadors, written speeches for a former prime minister, managed logistics for bi-laterals with Australian ministers and the U.S. Secretaries of State & Defence, and immersed myself in Colombia’s complex political history.

Every week, I draw on this experience to give you my best analysis on topical global political and economic issues, delivered in a humble manner that’s open to debate, feedback and improvement. I am a better analyst and advisor by scrutinising my reasoning and its outcome with reality as it unfolds, and not devolving into yet another talking head with a good soundbite on the news, who escapes any real critique or judgment.

Mundo takes a global view, but its centre of gravity is the “Pacific Rim”, where my background, interests, and future ambitions are strongest.

About Mitch Hayes

I’m a political-economic analyst and advisor based in New York. Previously, I was the advisor to former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd at the Asia Society Policy Institute, where I focused on China’s political economy. Before this, I was the advisor to the US Consul General in Sydney, covering economic and political issues in Australia in the region. I also worked for J.P. Morgan in Sydney, and the hedge fund Brevet Capital in New York. You can see more of my experience on my personal website.

I’m an Australian by birth with a love for nature, a Colombian through marriage with a zeal for el ritmo y el sabor, with a global perspective by curiosity and profession.

Aside from Mundo, my analysis has been published by The Lowy Institute, the Economist Intelligence Unit, and Oxford Analytica. I have an MSc in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a Masters in Health Economics from the University of Queensland. I’m also an avid distance runner and coach, as the co-founder and leader of Bunji Running with my wife.